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You deserve an attorney that is committed to helping you and your family with your case. We believe that every client deserves to know their lawyer and have open and clear communication with their attorney.

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After you’ve been injured on a cruise, you deserve the best accident lawyer working on your case. When you hire the Flanagan Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm, you'll have a team of knowledgeable, compassionate professionals on your side. We’re always available to answer your questions, help you through the process, and address any concerns you have along the way.

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Accidents, assaults, and injuries that occur on cruise ships fall under a highly specialized area of law called maritime law. If you have a maritime claim, be sure to speak with a cruise injury lawyer immediately. Although once strictly reserved for employees of ships and vessels, admiralty and maritime law has begun to apply to non-employee passengers on ships. If you’ve been injured while on a cruise, whether as an employee or passenger, contact accident attorney Michael T. Flanagan, Esq. today.


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You deserve a personal injury lawyer that is dedicated to helping you and your family with your case.