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$5,200,000 Confidential Case

$5.2 Million Result after arbitration. Prior to hiring our Firm, this client's case was rejected by 11 other law firms. We accepted the challenge and the risk associated with this very difficult case. The result was a record-breaking result for our client.


Wrongful Death

$3,750,000 Slip & Fall

Our firm represented a man that slipped-and-fell causing him to suffer a concussion. Less than one week before trial the Defendant chose to settle. The details of this case and the identity of the parties remain confidential.

$3,600,000 Jury Verdict

We obtained a $3.6 million jury verdict in a dog bite case involving a young girl. The verdict was $1 million more than we requested in our closing argument.


Wrongful Death Settlement

$2,750,000 Concussion

Our client endured a concussion after being injured in a premises liability accident.


It was alleged that a hospital failed to timely diagnose and treat an infection which ultimately resulted in the death of the patient.

$2,600,000 Wrongful Death

We represented the parents of a young man that was killed in a car crash. We brought claims for negligence and product liability against a negligent driver and a product manufacturer. After years of litigation, this matter resolved confidentially.


It was alleged that a hospital failed to respond to a patient’s medical emergency, resulting in the death of the patient.


Premises Liability


Car Crash

$2,000,000 Failure to Provide Medical Care

This client's case was rejected by two law firms prior to our firm's involvement. After over one year of litigation, this matter settled for $2M approximately one week before trial. Our client suffered exacerbated kidney disease requiring a kidney transplant as a result of Defendant's failure to provide appropriate medical care. The identity of the parties involved in this matter is confidential.


Confidential Settlement


Car Crash


Automobile Collision Settlement

$1,250,000 Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle crash case. This matter settled within one year of the crash for $1,150,000 more than the available insurance policy limits.


Professional Negligence

Over $1,000,000 Wrongful Death

Over $1 Million Awarded in Wrongful Death Case involving a maritime worker that was injured at work.


Premises Liability


Medical Malpractice

$1,000,000 Wrongful Death

Settlement for the family of a man who overdosed after being wrongly discharged from a drug and alcohol transition facility.

$1,000,000 Wrongful Death

Settlement for family of man who drowned while in the custody of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

$900,000 Settlement

Slip & Fall With Cervical Fusion

$868,000 Car Crash

A man suffered aggravation of pre-existing herniated disc at C5-6 which required fusion surgery in a motor vehicle crash case. The defendant disputed causation of injury and damages.

$800,000 Herniated Disc

A woman suffered aggravation of pre-existing herniated disc at C5-6 which required fusion surgery. The defendant disputed liability, causation of injury, and damages. Medical liens totaled $25,000. This case was a hard-fought battle over the course of three years. The case ultimately settled after we successfully defeated the defendant's appeal.


Premises Liability

$790,000 Slip & Fall

Slip and fall in a hotel lobby area causing fractured elbow and wrist.


Premises Liability


Motorcycle Crash

$750,000 Insurance Bad Faith

$750,000 obtained in an insurance bad faith case resulting from an automobile collision. The defendant had an insurance policy that provided $10,000 of coverage which was tendered within 48 hours of the crash. However, the terms of the release were not acceptable to the Plaintiff, therefore a release was never obtained and the $10,000 check was never deposited. The insurance company failed to reasonably secure a release and protect the insured. We litigated the case and obtained a result of 75x the available insurance policy limits for the Plaintiff.


Medical Malpractice

$700,000 Herniated Disc

$700,000 collected for a herniated disk sustained in a motor vehicle collision.


Car Crash


Car Crash


Car Crash


Bicycle Crash


Car Crash

$500,000 Slip & Fall

Our firm represented a woman who suffered a slip-and-fall on a slippery flooring surface on a cruise ship. She suffered injuries to her knee requiring surgery. The Defendant disputed liability and damages.

$425,000 Slip & Fall

Our firm obtained $425,000 for a customer who suffered a slip and fall on a spilled liquid in a department store.

$400,000 Slip & Fall

A woman who suffered a slip-and-fall incident in a restaurant was awarded $400,000 for her knee and back injuries.

$400,000 Unnecessary Surgery

Our firm obtained $400,000 for a victim of medical malpractice. The doctor performed unnecessary knee surgery in a negligent manner that resulted in permanent damage to the victim.

$390,000 Trip & Fall

Trip and Fall caused by an optical illusion in stairway resulting in injury requiring surgery.

$350,000 Car Crash

A client who was not wearing her seatbelt suffered a fractured ankle caused by a driver making a left-turn. Liability was significantly disputed as our client was not wearing her seatbelt and was driving 21 miles per hour over the speed limit. Pre-suit we offered to settle for the $100,000 insurance policy limits - State Farm did not timely accept the offer to settle. We later rejected State Farm's offer to settle for $100,000 and prepared the case for trial. After we pushed the case and took 21 depositions State Farm ultimately accepted our offer to settle for $350,000, including $250,000 of "bad faith money."

$325,000 Bad Faith Insurance

We represented a woman that was hit by an underinsured motorist and suffered a torn meniscus that required surgery. The driver that caused the crash was underinsured – she only had $10,000 of insurance to pay for our client’s injuries. Despite clear evidence to support our client's claim, the insurance company refused to pay the $10,000 policy limits in a timely manner. We filed a lawsuit and prepared the case for trial. After years of litigation, the case settled for $325,000 the week before trial when the insurance company acknowledged that it acted in bad faith.

$300,000 Car Crash

We obtained a result of three times the available insurance policy limits for a woman involved in a car crash. The Defendant previously offered only $10,000 to settle the case.


Delayed Diagnosis

$275,000 Slip & Fall

Recovery for a man who slipped and fell in a puddle of water. He fractured his ankle and underwent surgery. Thereafter, he made a great recovery and was able to return to work and leisure without pain or limitations.

$250,000 Spine Injury

Our firm obtained $250,000 for a cruise ship crew member that suffered a spine injury.

$250,000 Car Crash

We represented Nestor Saroza, a young man from New Jersey who was involved in a rear-end crash in Miami. The damage to Nestor’s car was minimal. Because Nestor was hit by a Florida driver who had no insurance, Nestor had to make a claim against his insurance company, GEICO, for uninsured motorist benefits. Prior to filing a lawsuit, we demanded that GEICO pay Nestor the full $100,000 insurance policy limits for his low back herniated disc. GEICO offered $4,000 – less than Nestor’s medical bills. We filed a Civil Remedy Notice with the Florida Department of Insurance for GEICO’s mistreatment of Nestor and refusal to reasonably settle. We later filed a lawsuit against GEICO in Miami. GEICO fought the case and the facts from every angle and never offered more than $5,000. At trial, GEICO told the jury that Nestor was a liar, wasn’t injured, and didn’t need any medical treatment. GEICO relied on the testimony of well-known insurance company defense doctors who always say that people like Nestor are liars and aren’t hurt. After a two-day trial, our jury returned a verdict of $169,020.44. Following post-trial motions, the Court entered an order entitling us to attorney’s fees and costs for GEICO’s rejection of our reasonable settlement offers, which were well below the insurance policy limits. After receiving our bills for attorney’s fees and costs, GEICO agreed to pay Nestor $250,000 to avoid further litigation.

$200,000 Improper Surgery

Pre-Arbitration settlement for a man who underwent an improperly performed arthroscopic knee surgery.

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