Premises Liability Lawyer in Miami

Premises liability accidents are nearly any type of accident that occurs on a business’s or person’s property. We handle premises liability accidents involving:

Accident attorney Michael T. Flanagan, Esq. has recovered millions of dollars for victims of negligence in premises liability accidents.

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A property owner and property manager are responsible for providing a safe premises with adequate security for their customers, tenants, or anyone that is legally on the property. This means that a business or property owner must take steps to prevent on-premises crimes from occurring if it is reasonably foreseeable that crimes may occur. The more dangerous the history of the property and the surrounding area, the greater the responsibility to provide adequate security. Studies have proven that security cameras, guards, and gates are very effective in reducing crime. Unfortunately, many businesses and property owners do not acknowledge their responsibility to provide adequate security and expose their customers, tenants, and business-invitees to the unreasonable risk of becoming a victim of violent crime.

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Slips and falls are the most common cause of injury in public places including stores, malls, and supermarkets. Each year, thousands of people in Florida slip and fall due to business owner’s failure to properly maintain and/or clean floors and carpeting. While slip and fall accident cases may seem clear and straightforward, they are not. Because there are so many slip and fall accidents, businesses have become skilled in defending them. We are familiar with slip-and-fall defenses and know how to overcome them.

What Do You Need to Prove in your Slip and Fall Case?

A business and its employees have a responsibility to use reasonable care under the circumstances to provide you and your family with a safe environment free from dangerous conditions. This means that to prove your case you must show that the business negligently or intentionally did not provide a reasonably safe environment, that this failure caused you to slip and fall, and that you suffered injury because of the slip and fall.

The most common example of a business’s failure to provide a reasonably safe environment is when the company allows a puddle of standing liquid to remain on an area of their store for an unreasonable amount of time without cleaning or warning customers about the danger. Under these circumstances, we must prove that the business knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. In many cases, a business’s only defense to your case may be that they did not know, and had no opportunity to know, about the dangerous condition. While it may seem counter-intuitive, in practice this is an effective legal defense. You should hire an accident attorney that has significant experience handling slip-and-fall cases. To combat these defenses, our team will work hard to discover evidence in your favor, including, but not limited to: video surveillance footage, photographs, witness statements, and records of prior slip and fall accidents.


Trip-and-fall accidents are most often caused by a dangerous and unmarked change in elevation of a flooring surface. These changes in elevation can consist of small holes in the ground or floor, missing floor tiles, or defectively designed staircases. Trip-and-fall cases often require expert testimony regarding the defective design of the area where the fall occurred, as well as a history of prior falls of the same type. Combined, this evidence can be very persuasive to a jury and may yield excellent results for your case.


In many instances, a person who suffers a workplace injury brings only a worker’s compensation claim against their employer. However, in some cases, where an accident is not the result of your employer’s wrongdoing but is the result of the negligence of an employee of another company, you may be able to bring a claim for personal injury against that company. Workplace accident cases require tremendous attention to detail and significant factual investigation. If you have been involved in a workplace accident, contact our firm immediately to discuss the details of your accident.


Michael T. Flanagan has handled claims in some of the most high-profile cases involving structural collapse in recent Miami-Dade County history. Cases involving falling objects or structural collapse may require expert testimony or may be proven through legal inferences of negligence depending on the factual situation. If you’ve suffered injury because of a falling object or structural collapse, contact our firm to tell us about what happened to you and to see how we can help.