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Product Safety Alert: BlendJet Recalls 4.8 Million Units Over Fire and Laceration Risks

Flanagan & Bodenheimer Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm
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The popular line of portable blenders, BlendJet, has issued a voluntary recall for 4.8 million units of its BlendJet2 blenders in collaboration with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The safety concern stems from the potential for these blenders to catch fire or cause lacerations due to blades breaking off, posing a significant danger to customers.

As a personal injury law firm with significant experience in product liability cases, Flanagan & Bodenheimer may be able to help you if you have been injured by a BlendJet2 blender. If you have been injured by a BlendJet2 blender, it is imperative that you maintain possession of the product in the same condition that it was in when it failed. We would recommend creating a chain of custody for the product so you can show that no changes or alterations were made to the product after it failed. 

The affected BlendJet2 blenders have been widely distributed, having been sold by major retailers such as Amazon, Target, Costco, and Walmart. Customers who have purchased these blenders from these outlets are urged to pay close attention to the recall and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

BlendJet is taking responsibility for the recall and is offering a solution for affected consumers. By registering, owners can receive a free replacement base unit and matching lid for their portable blender. Alternatively, Costco customers have the option to return their blenders for a full refund. Importantly, BlendJet reassures that the BlendJet 2 blenders currently available for purchase are not impacted by the recall.

If you own a BlendJet2 blender that falls within the recall parameters, it is crucial to stop using it immediately. Follow the instructions provided by BlendJet and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the return or replacement process. To check if a blender is included in the voluntary recall, consumers should visit 

Understanding Product Liability in Florida

Product liability cases in Florida hinge on the legal principle that manufacturers, distributors, and sellers are responsible for the safety of the products they release into the market. In instances where a product poses dangers to consumers, such as the BlendJet2 blenders in question, those harmed may be entitled to compensation for injuries or damages sustained. In the case of the BlendJet2 blender, it was designed in California and manufactured in China. Given that there are international considerations, it is important that you speak with a law firm that has experience handling product liability injury cases if you have been injured by the BlendJet2 blender.

As a Florida-based personal injury law firm, Flanagan & Bodenheimer is closely monitoring this recall and its potential impact on consumers. The safety of individuals is of utmost importance, and our team is prepared to assist anyone who may have experienced injuries or damages due to these recalled BlendJet2 blenders. 

Who is Liable in a Product Liability Case in Florida?

Liability can extend to various parties involved in the product’s life cycle, including manufacturers, designers, distributors, and sellers. While manufacturers and designers are often the primary focus, distributors and retailers may also share liability. If you purchased this product through an online platform such as Amazon, you may also want to consider pursuing a case against the online retailer. However, there are significant hurdles to holding these retailers responsible and it is important to speak with an attorney with product liability experience so you make sure to explore all potential avenues of recovery. Learn more about Amazon product liability cases here.

How Our Florida Product Liability Lawyers Can Help

  • Thorough Investigation: We meticulously investigate the circumstances surrounding the product, gathering evidence to build a strong case.
  • Expert Consultation: Our network of experts assists in evaluating the product’s design, manufacturing process, and potential hazards, bolstering the strength of your case.
  • Negotiation and Litigation: Whether through negotiation or litigation, we tirelessly advocate for your rights, seeking fair compensation for the harm you’ve endured.

If you or a loved one has experienced injuries or damages due to a defective product, Flanagan & Bodenheimer Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm is here to help. Contact us at 305-638-4143 or complete our online form for a free consultation. 

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