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Miami yacht accidents are often preventable incidents in which one or more parties may be liable for your injuries. Negligent boaters, boating under the influence, excessive speeds, and improper yacht maintenance all cause serious collisions, personal injuries, and deaths. If you or a family member has been in a recent yacht accident, contact our Miami attorneys.

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Our lawyers only handle personal injury and wrongful death cases. This gives us more focused, intimate knowledge of these legal systems in Florida, and the ability to clear the path to significant compensation for our clients. We have extensive experience handling yacht accident claims, as well as other boat and cruise ship accident lawsuits in Miami. Our firm wins difficult boat accident cases other law firms reject.

Common Causes of Miami Yacht Accidents

Yacht accidents occur most often when negligent, careless, and reckless parties have a hand in the situation. Incompetent boat operators, unsafe boating conditions, and ignored waterway rules have all caused serious and fatal yacht accidents in the past. Someone will be legally responsible for most of these collisions.

The following are some of the most common causes of yacht accidents in Miami:

  • Operating a yacht without the necessary experience.
  • Ignoring the basic rules of boating and navigation.
  • Failing to properly scan the waters ahead for boats, personal watercraft, or swimmers.
  • Boating while intoxicated.
  • Failing to properly respond to emergency situations.
  • Excessive speeding in a yacht.
  • Equipment failure.
  • Bad weather or dangerous waters.

A yacht collision can cause fires, floods, unintentional drowning, broken bones, head and brain injuries, spine injuries, lacerations, and other serious repercussions. If you need help identifying the exact cause of your recent incident, contact our lawyers for an investigation.

Yacht Crewmember Accidents in Miami

Working on a yacht can put crewmembers at risk of serious personal injuries – especially when the owner and/or operator of the boat is negligent. Yacht crews must often work long hours and around dangerous equipment. If the employer doesn’t properly train crewmembers or fails to maintain the vessel, preventable accidents can arise. If you have injuries from working aboard a yacht in Florida, contact us. Our law firm may be able to represent you during insurance settlement negotiations or a personal injury suit.

What to Do After a Yacht Accident

If you are the victim of a yacht accident, first stay calm and properly assess the situation. Call an ambulance and request emergency medical care if you or someone else suffered a serious injury. Then, call the police and report the accident if it caused injuries, death, or expensive property damage. Document the details of your incident, such as where it happened and who was involved. Then, call our law firm to explore your legal options.

Who Is Liable?

The person operating your yacht, another yacht operator or boater, the person in charge of yacht maintenance, or a manufacturer could all be liable for your yacht accident injuries, even if you are a yacht crew member. Liability will come down to who should have prevented the incident but negligently failed to do so. Many cases involve more than one at-fault party sharing damage responsibility. Identifying whom to name as the defendants in your yacht injury claim could require help from a lawyer.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Yacht accidents often involve high-value property damage and permanent personal injuries. Such serious accidents deserve attention from attorneys. Hiring a lawyer to represent your case can maximize your odds of financial recovery. Instead of risking your claim by going up against an insurance company alone, retain an attorney to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If a settlement doesn’t work out, your lawyer can file a personal injury claim with the courts in pursuit of full recovery.

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If you suffered injuries while operating, working on, or simply being a passenger on a yacht off the coast of Florida, our Miami yacht accident lawyers have years of experience directly handling boat accident claims. We can investigate your wreck, identify the at-fault party, and take care of claims filing on your behalf.

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