Slip-and-Fall On The Pool Deck – The Defect In Royal Caribbean’s Dangerous Pool Decks

Royal Caribbean has a serious problem on its pool decks.  They are extremely slippery when wet.  The pool deck materials are manufactured by Bolidt, an Italian ship outfitting company.  The Bolidt material is incredibly slippery when wet with pool water or rain water.  To make matters worse, Royal Caribbean is aware of the problem but has not fixed it. Royal Caribbean’s “solution” to the problem is to post dozens of “caution” signs around the pool deck to warn people that the deck is wet.  The signs do nothing to protect passengers because in some circumstances, the floor is so slippery that there is almost no way to avoid falling.

Our firm is aware of over one hundred incidents where passengers have suffered slip and falls due to the dangerously slippery nature of these pool decks.  In addition, we are aware of many passenger complaints regarding these dangerous flooring surfaces.  We tested these surfaces and our test results indicated that the floor was more slippery than ice. Needless to say, this surface did not comply with industry standards for slip-resistance. It is not a safe surface for use on an exterior pool deck.

If you encountered extremely slippery conditions on a Royal Caribbean pool deck, chances are you slipped on Bolidt FutureTeak or Bolidt SoftSelect.  Our firm may be able to help you prove your slip and fall case against Royal Caribbean.  Please feel free to contact our Miami personal injury attorneys at any time to learn more about our knowledge of this defect and to determine whether we might be able to help you with your potential case.