$5.2 Million Settlement after arbitration. Prior to hiring our Firm, this client's case was rejected by 11 other law firms. We accepted the challenge and the risk associated with this very difficult case. The result was a record-breaking result for our client.



Confidential settlement of a wrongful death case.


Settlement - Crew Member v. Cruise Line

This client's case was rejected by two law firms prior to our Firm's involvement. After over one year of litigation, this matter settled for $2M shortly before trial. Our client suffered exacerbated kidney disease requiring a kidney transplant as a result of the Defendant's failure to provide appropriate medical care. The identity of the parties involved in this matter is confidential.

Confidential Settlement

Our client was involved in a rollover collision During the rollover our client's arm was amputated below the elbow. This client was represented by another law firm prior to our Firm's involvement. The law firm obtained a minimal settlement with the at-fault driver. This client's product liability case was rejected by five other law firms. Nevertheless, we brought our client's case against the vehicle manufacturer for a design defect and obtained a confidential settlement for this catastrophic injury to the satisfaction of all parties.



Over $1 Million Settlement of Wrongful Death Case involving a maritime worker that was injured at work.



$750,000 Settlement for medical malpractice case.


Confidential Pre-Trial Settlement

Settlement for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision.



Our Firm represented the mother of a young man who was shot and killed while exiting a gentleman’s club in Miami. When our client’s son entered his friend's vehicle in the club’s parking lot, a vehicle that was waiting in the parking lot rolled its windows down and the assailant(s) opened fire with an AK-47 from approximately ten feet away, ultimately killing our client’s son. We filed suit against the on-site security company which had two armed security guards in the parking lot who failed to prevent the murder. In addition, we filed suit against the club operator and property owner – all of which had no insurance. After two years of litigation, this matter resolved at mediation one month before trial.



$425,000 Settlement for customer who suffered a slip and fall on a spilled liquid in a department store.



$400,000 settlement for victim of medical malpractice. Doctor performed unnecessary knee surgery in a negligent manner that resulted in permanent damaged to victim.


Post-Trial Settlement

We represented Nestor Saroza, a young man from New Jersey who was involved in a rear-end crash in Miami. The damage to Nestor’s car was minimal. Because Nestor was hit by a Florida driver who had no insurance, Nestor had to make a claim against his insurance company, GEICO, for uninsured motorist benefits. Prior to filing a lawsuit, we demanded that GEICO pay Nestor the full $100,000 insurance policy limits for his low back herniated disc. GEICO offered $4,000 – less than Nestor’s medical bills. We filed a Civil Remedy Notice with the Florida Department of Insurance for GEICO’s mistreatment of Nestor and refusal to reasonably settle. We later filed a lawsuit against GEICO in Miami. GEICO fought the case and the facts from every angle and never offered more than $5,000. At trial, GEICO told the jury that Nestor was a liar, wasn’t injured, and didn’t need any medical treatment. GEICO relied on the testimony of well-known insurance company defense doctors who always say that people like Nestor are liars and aren’t hurt. After a two-day trial, our jury returned a verdict of $169,020.44. Following post-trial motions, the Court entered an order entitling us to attorney’s fees and costs for GEICO’s rejection of our reasonable settlement offers, which were well below the insurance policy limits. After receiving our bills for attorney’s fees and costs, GEICO agreed to pay Nestor $250,000 to avoid further litigation


Pre-Trial Settlement

We represented a woman that was hit by an underinsured motorist and suffered a torn meniscus that required surgery. The driver that caused the crash was underinsured – she only had $10,000 of insurance to pay for our client’s injuries. Despite clear evidence to support our client's claim, the insurance company refused to pay the $10,000 policy limits in a timely manner. We filed a lawsuit and prepared the case for trial. After years of litigation, the case settled for $325,000 the week before trial when the insurance company acknowledged that it acted in bad faith.


Trip and Fall resulting in injury requiring surgery.


Pre-Trial Settlement of slip-and-fall case.