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Investigating the Tragic Loss of an Infant during a Vacuum Assisted Birth in South Florida

Flanagan & Bodenheimer Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm
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Flanagan & Bodenheimer Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm is currently investigating the tragic death of an infant during a vacuum-assisted birth in South Florida. Vacuum-assisted births are medical procedures employed to assist during delivery when complications arise. However, when not performed with the utmost care and precision, these procedures can lead to severe consequences, including injury or, as in this case, death.

The vacuum is typically considered when the second stage of labor (the pushing stage) is prolonged, and efforts to deliver the baby through traditional methods, such as pushing alone, prove challenging. In this procedure, a vacuum extractor—a suction cup attached to a vacuum pump—is applied to the baby’s head to aid in the birthing process. While the vacuum-assist can be a valuable tool in certain circumstances, it is crucial to acknowledge and understand the potential dangers associated with the procedure:

  • Injuries to the Baby: Improper application of the vacuum extractor, using excessive force, or attempting to use the vacuum too many times can lead to injuries such as scalp lacerations, bruising, or, in severe cases, skull fractures or death.
  • Maternal Injuries: The use of vacuum assistance may also pose risks to the mother, including perineal tears, vaginal wall injuries, or increased postpartum pain.
  • Failed Attempts: In some cases, multiple attempts at vacuum assistance may be required, increasing the risk of complications and stress for both the mother and the baby.  Manufacturers of these devices discourage further use of the device after two attempts or “pop-offs.”
  • Potential Long-Term Effects: While many vacuum-assisted births result in successful deliveries, there is ongoing research into the potential long-term effects on a child’s development, particularly in cases where vacuum extraction was used.

It is crucial for expecting parents to have open and informed discussions with their healthcare providers regarding the potential need for a vacuum-assisted birth. Understanding the procedure, its benefits, and the associated risks empowers individuals to actively participate in the decision-making process surrounding their childbirth experience.

We are committed to ensuring that every detail is examined to identify any potential negligence or malpractice that may have occurred during the vacuum-assisted birth. We understand the immense pain and grief the family is experiencing, and we are dedicated to helping them find answers and seek justice for their precious child.

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