1. $250,000 Post-Trial Settlement Following $5,000 Pre-Trial Settlement Offer from GEICO

    We represented Nestor Saroza, a young man from New Jersey who was involved in a rear-end crash in Miami.  The damage to Nestor's car was minimal.  Because Nestor was hit by a Florida driver who had no insurance, Nestor had to make a claim against his insurance company, GEICO, for uninsured motorist benefits.  Prior to filing a lawsuit, we demanded that GEICO pay Nestor the full $100,000 insuran…Read More

  2. $2 Million Settlement for Victim of Medical Malpractice

    Doctors failed to timely diagnose and treat patient's chronic kidney disease which resulted in the need for a kidney transplant.…Read More

  3. $400,000 Settlement for Victim of Medical Malpractice

    Doctor performed unnecessary knee surgery in a negligent manner that resulted in permanent damaged to victim.…Read More

  4. $585,000 Obtained in Negligent Security Case

    Our Firm represented the mother of a young man who was shot and killed while exiting a gentleman's club in Miami. When our client's son entered his friends vehicle in the club's parking lot, a vehicle that was waiting in the parking lot rolled its windows down and the assailant(s) opened opened fire with an AK-47 from approximately ten feet away, ultimately killing our client's son. We filed suit …Read More

    Flanagan Personal Injury
  5. $5.2 Million Settlement

    $5.2 Million Settlement after arbitration.…Read More

  6. Over $1 Million Settlement

    Over $1 Million Settlement of Wrongful Death Case…Read More

  7. $2.6 Million

    $2.6 Million Confidential Settlement…Read More

  8. $425,000 Settlement Slip & Fall Case

    $425,000 Settlement Slip & Fall Case…Read More

  9. $750,000 Settlement

    $750,000 Settlement for wrongful death case…Read More