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Providing adequate security is an important duty for Miami property owners. Security is part of what makes a premises safe for visitors, shoppers, tenants, and children. Failure to provide proper security can expose guests to serious criminal dangers, such as armed robbery, assault, and acts of violence. If you lost a loved one because of inadequate security on someone else’s property, contact us. Our lawyers will fight for justice and fair compensation on your behalf.

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Our legal team specializes in loss of life claims in Miami. We’ve helped dozens of clients recover compensation for the untimely and unexpected deaths of their loved ones. Although we know a monetary award is a small solace for the loss of a family member, it can help you pay for expenses such as a funeral and burial, leftover medical bills, and lost inheritance. A settlement or judgment can give your family financial stability for the future. We have the tools and knowledge you need to get there.

How Can Wrongful Death Occur Due to Negligent Security?

The odds of becoming a victim of some type of crime in Miami, Florida is about one in 31. Over the course of a year, Miami reported 42 assaults, 27 robberies, and eight rapes. It is a property owner’s legal duty to provide a safe, secure space for invited guests and visitors. Property owners must research the crime rate in the area, find out about past crimes on the property, and provide security measures accordingly. Otherwise, serious crimes can occur and take the lives of property visitors.

Negligent security can contribute to wrongful death by allowing a criminal to enter a property and/or enter a property with a weapon. Failure to check visitors for guns and knives before allowing entry into a sports stadium, for example, could allow a fatal shooting or sexual assault to occur. Failure to keep a security guard outside of a school could permit an active shooter to claim lives. Failure to install floodlights in a dark parking lot could encourage an armed robber to attack a grocery store customer. These are examples of the connection between wrongful death and negligent security.

Who Is Liable?

If a property owner’s negligent failure to provide adequate security contributes to a fatal crime, that property owner could be liable for subsequent damages. The criminal that killed the victim will also share liability if police identify and arrest the individual. However, most plaintiffs have better odds of recovering compensation from property owners’ insurance companies than criminals. A property owner may be liable if the victim can prove:

  1. His/her deceased family member was lawfully on the property at the time of the attack.
  2. The property owner owed the deceased person a duty of care.
  3. The property owner breached his/her duties of care to the decedent.
  4. The plaintiff’s family member died because of this breach of duty.

These are the four main elements necessary to prove a property owner’s liability for negligent security wrongful death. Proving your case may require evidence from the scene, eyewitness testimony, and hiring subject matter experts, such as crime scene investigators. A lawyer can help with every phase of your Miami wrongful death claim.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Winning a negligent security wrongful death claim takes knowledge of the state’s premises liability laws as well as wrongful death statutes. You need to know how to collect evidence, identify the proper defendant, file your claim, and prove your case. Unless you have a legal background, these feats can be difficult – especially while you’re also mourning the death of a loved one. Take the burden off your shoulders by hiring a lawyer to represent your claim.

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