It Happened Again: Dangerous Tiles in Rosie’s Restaurant Injure Carnival Cruise Line Passengers

Rosie’s Restaurant on Carnival’s cruise ship,Valor is a tribute to the American war effort during World War II.  However, there is a safety problem in Rosie’s restaurant.  The floor tiles are extremely slippery when wet.  Our firm is aware of dozens of passengers that slipped and fell on Rosie’s dangerous floor tiles.  We have obtained Carnival’s internal safety documents that show that Carnival has been aware that there is a major safety problem in Rosie’s for years but Carnival chose not to fix it.

The Problem in Rosie’s Restaurant on Carnival Valor

Here is the problem.  The tiles are very smooth and have almost no texture on the surface. The tiles are made out of a slippery material that does not handle water well.  When dry these interior tiles provide for sufficient grip.  However, when they become wet, they provide very little grip.  The tiles in this Carnival restaurant are unusually and unreasonably slippery when wet.  Therefore, Carnival was faced with two options: keep the tiles dry all the time or change the tiles.

Carnival chooses not to do either.  The tiles in this restaurant on Carnival Valor frequently become wet with condensation from moisture imbalances in the air in the restaurant.  That condensation creates a difficult to see sheen of moisture on the surface of the tiles.  So, when a cruise ship passenger steps on those wet tiles, they have almost no traction.  These tiles fail almost every industry standard for wet slip resistance.  As a result, many passengers have slipped and fell and suffered traumatic injuries.

If you or a loved one slipped and fell in Rosie’s restaurant on the Carnival Valor, contact our firm today so that we can discuss your rights and your ability to hold Carnival responsible for your cruise ship accident.