Florida Keys Car Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love is injured in a car crash in the Florida Keys, you need to know where to turn. These cases can become incredibly complex and often involves dealing with multiple parties. The team at Flanagan Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law Firm, P.A. is ready to investigate your case today. Our goal is to ensure you are treated fairly and that you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us when you need a Florida Keys injury attorney.

Why we are the firm to turn to for your case

The team at Flanagan Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law Firm, P.A. has the knowledge and experience necessary to help your case. We have a deep understanding of Florida law and we understand how insurance companies operate.

Is an attorney necessary for a car accident case?

Navigating the aftermath of a Florida Keys car accident can be complicated, particularly concerning Florida’s no-fault insurance coverage. An attorney will understand all aspects of these cases and will perform a full investigation into what happened. This will include:

These incidents can lead to major expenses

For the latest reporting year in the state, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says that there were over 400,000 total crashes. Out of those, there were:

There are plenty of drivers in the Keys. This is a popular tourist destination, so there is always a mix of local, out-of-state, and international drivers. The most common causes of car accidents in the Florida Keys include:

Injuries from these incidents can be severe and keep victims from working or living their daily lives. Medical expenses can reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting entire families into financial jeopardy.

It is time to move your case forward

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident that was caused by another person, you should seek legal assistance immediately. You may be entitled to compensation, and the Flanagan Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law Firm, P.A. is ready to help you get through this. Our goal is to perform a thorough investigation of your case so we can secure:

When you need a Florida Keys car accident lawyer, you can contact us or call us at (305) 638-4143 for a free consultation.