Cruise Ship Lawyer Miami

A Closer Look at Maritime Law

As a resident of Florida or any other coastal state, you might have heard the term “maritime law” or “admiralty law” on television or on the radio and wondered exactly what it means. However, if you have been unlucky enough to have suffered some kind of injury or property damage at sea, you are likely… read more

It Happened Again: Dangerous Tiles in Rosie’s Restaurant Injure Carnival Cruise Line Passengers

Rosie’s Restaurant on Carnival’s cruise ship,Valor is a tribute to the American war effort during World War II.  However, there is a safety problem in Rosie’s restaurant.  The floor tiles are extremely slippery when wet.  Our firm is aware of dozens of passengers that slipped and fell on Rosie’s dangerous floor tiles.  We have obtained Carnival’s internal… read more

Suing Disney Cruise Lines – Explained By A Cruise Ship Lawyer

Filing a case against Disney Cruise Line is different than filing a case against all of the other major cruise lines.  It all starts with the ticket contract.  Any time that you go on a cruise, you enter into a ticket contract. It happens when you get an email from the cruise line with the… read more

Questions to Ask Your Potential Cruise Accident Lawyer

Finding a cruise accident lawyer who is qualified to handle your personal injury case against a major cruise line can be challenging. After all, not all lawyers have experience representing clients in these types of injury cases, and cruise law is a unique practice area that requires experience litigating in federal court in Miami and… read more

Medical Emergencies at Sea

Imagine that you and your family are enjoying your cruise vacation when you suddenly suffer some type of a medical emergency. Although this is something that not many cruise passengers like to think about, it can happen. If and when it does, the medical competence of the ship’s medical crew is essential to preventing medical… read more

Understanding Cruise Ship Medical Care

Most cruise vacations go according to plan but some unfortunate passengers experience injuries and medical emergencies that require the attention of a doctor. When you visit the infirmary on a cruise ship, you should expect the same standard of care that you would from any other medical provider. By their nature, however, cruise ship medical… read more

Why You Need a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

No one wants to suffer a cruise ship accident during their vacation – but it happens.  If the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering how you can get the cruise company to promptly address your economic and non-economic damages.  In today’s post, we review some of the reasons why contacting an experienced cruise… read more

Types of Cruise Ship Injury Claims

When you purchase a ticket to go on a cruise, you expect to have a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable time while you are onboard the ship and visiting the ports. While many cruise passengers have a wonderful time on their cruise and the associated excursions, there are hundreds of people each year that are not… read more

Cruise Ship Emergencies: Part One

The cruise industry is a multi-million dollar operation, and each year more than 20 million people board cruise ships with the anticipation of an unforgettable escape from reality. While for many people their cruise vacation goes according to plan, this is not the case for all passengers as unexpected emergencies can arise, bringing their vacation… read more

What Can Go Wrong on a Cruise?

When you’re on a cruise and are completely relaxed and miles outside of cell phone reception, life probably seems like it can’t get any better. However, an idyllic vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare when you are injured during your cruise. While it might seem surprising, cruise injuries resulting from the negligence of crew… read more