What Should I Do If I’ve Totaled My Car In Florida?

Totaling a vehicle is not something anyone wants to happen. Unfortunately, accidents are not uncommon in Florida, and if the insurance company has determined that your vehicle is indeed totaled, you need to know what your options are. Here, we want to discuss how insurance works when a car is totaled in Florida and whether… read more

What Is Talk-and-Die Syndrome?

Talk-and-die syndrome is not something we hear a lot about, but it is something that needs to be discussed because understanding the dynamics of this kind of injury can save lives. Talk-and-die syndrome revolves around what seems like a relatively minor head injury, but is in reality something much more severe. There have been many… read more

What is Florida’s Bicycle Helmet Law?

We have plenty of people who ride bicycles in Florida. However, bicycle riders face a higher risk of serious injury or death in the event an accident occurs. One way to curb these injuries and fatalities is to wear a helmet while riding. However, there are often many questions about what Florida law requires when… read more

What Is Considered Distracted Driving In Florida?

There is no denying that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. However, there are many types of distracted driving behaviors that cause harm on Florida roadways. Unfortunately, many deaths and injuries happen each year despite efforts by government agencies to curb instances of distracted driving. Here, we want to discuss what constitutes distracted driving behavior. Florida… read more

What are the Florida Right-of-Way Laws?

Most people have heard of the right-of-way, but it can still be a confusing concept depending on what type of vehicle we are talking about. The Florida Driver Handbook covers right-of-way laws on all four roadways. Here, we want to discuss some of the most common situations in which the right-of-way needs to be known… read more

How is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Florida?

Car accidents frequently cause injuries to those involved. Unfortunately, car accident injuries can lead to major medical expenses for victims. In many cases, car accident victims may also experience immense pain and suffering due to the car accident and the correlating injuries. Compensation can be available for pain and suffering, but it is not as… read more

Florida Motorcycle Passenger Laws

There are plenty of motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida who enjoy the sensation and freedom of riding on two wheels. However, motorcycles are inherently riskier than traditional passenger vehicles, so it is important to know the state’s motorcycle laws, particularly those concerning passengers. Here, we want to discuss the most important Florida motorcycle passenger laws you… read more

Do I Need A License For A Moped In Florida?

Motor scooters, or mopeds as they are popularly called, have become very popular in Florida. These vehicles are relatively inexpensive to buy and to ride. Whether Florida residents and visitors use mopeds as their main method of transportation or for recreational purposes, it is important to understand the laws surrounding mopeds in Florida. Is a… read more