When Bicyclists Are Responsible For A Florida Car Accident?

Florida offers fantastic bicycle riding weather pretty much all year round. When most people think of accidents involving bicyclists on the roadway, they think of the incident as being the driver’s fault. However, what happens when a bicyclist is responsible for a Florida car accident? Who is responsible for paying compensation for damages in these… read more

What Type Of Insurance Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Required To Have?

A decade ago, most people would have found the idea of getting into a stranger’s vehicle and paying them for a ride was ridiculous. Now, however, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are household names. Millions of rides take place each year with these companies, and many drivers in Florida make money operating rideshare vehicles…. read more

What To Do If You Witness A Serious Car Accident In Florida

Car accidents happen all the time in Florida. While many people are not directly involved in accidents, there may come a time when you witness an incident on your commute. Witnessing a car accident can be scary, and you may wonder what you were supposed to do if this happens. There are several steps you… read more

Was Your Uber or Lyft Driver Intoxicated?

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are immensely popular in Florida. These services offer a convenient way for our residents to get from place to place each day. While there may be hundreds of thousands of uneventful rideshare trips each day, there are times when accidents happen because an Uber or Lyft driver is intoxicated…. read more

If My Car Was Hit By An Uber Driver, Can I Sue The Company?

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Florida Car Accident Report Basics

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of driving. Regardless of how safely you operate your vehicle, there is always a risk that you will be struck by another driver. The carelessness or negligence of others on a roadway can lead to serious injuries for you and your passengers. In the aftermath of a crash, you… read more

Can Florida Public Schools Be Liable For Your Child’s Injury?

When parents and guardians send their kids to school each day, they should be able to count on their children having a safe environment. However, what happens if the people you trust with your child’s care are negligent in their duties in your child is injured? Can the public school be held liable for your… read more

Am I Liable For A Trespasser’s Injuries In Florida?

In most cases, property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for those who have a right to be there. This includes taking measures to prevent injuries from occurring and quickly remedying any unsafe conditions that arise on their property. However, what happens if someone is harmed while trespassing on another person’s property…. read more