Florida Statute of Limitations for Injury Claims

If you have ever been injured by another person’s negligence, you likely understand how frustrating this experience can be. As a means of recovering monetary damages and obtaining compensation for unnecessary pain and suffering, many injured individuals choose to pursue legal recourse against the responsible party. Knowing the statute of limitations that is applicable to… read more

Special Considerations for Cruise Injury Litigation

For individuals who suffer an injury while on a cruise, the legal complexities and nuances of cruise injury litigation can be incredibly challenging to navigate. As a result, many injured passengers and crew members wisely decide to rely on special maritime personal injury lawyers to help them in their pursuit of justice. We specialize in cruise… read more

Types of Cruise Ship Injury Claims

When you purchase a ticket to go on a cruise, you expect to have a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable time while you are onboard the ship and visiting the ports. While many cruise passengers have a wonderful time on their cruise and the associated excursions, there are hundreds of people each year that are not… read more