Cruise Ship Emergencies: Part Two

When leaving on a cruise, passengers never want to think that an emergency situation could occur while they are out at sea and away from home. However, accidents and emergencies do happen, and it is best to be prepared for potentially harmful situations rather than to simply hope they don’t happen. In part one of this… read more

Cruise Ship Emergencies: Part One

The cruise industry is a multi-million dollar operation, and each year more than 20 million people board cruise ships with the anticipation of an unforgettable escape from reality. While for many people their cruise vacation goes according to plan, this is not the case for all passengers as unexpected emergencies can arise, bringing their vacation… read more

Understanding Pain and Suffering

When an innocent individual suffers an injury at the hands of a negligent party, there are many aspects of his or her personal injury case to consider. Beyond the medical bills, lost wages, and other economic consequences of the injury, people who are hurt are also typically entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering…. read more